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Why You Should Never Put Off a Windshield Repair

Calgary Windshield Repairs

Have a crack or stone chip on your windshield? Our emergency windshield & auto glass repairs get you safely back on the road in no time!

Although it’s true that auto glass is designed to be tough and sturdy, it is not unbreakable and can be susceptible to scratches and cracks.

Some of the main causes of windshield damage include:

  • Debris damage (e.g. gravel, dirt, small stones)
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Manufacturing or windshield repair defects

Any scratches or chips on your windshield require immediate auto-glass repair. If you neglect even small cracks or put off stone chip repair, then you may be forced to do a complete windshield replacement at a later day, which will be very expensive.

Worried about a stone chip or crack? Our auto-glass repair team will make every effort to deal with your windshield damage in a timely and cost-effective manner to get you safely back on the road.


Importance of Emergency Windshield Repair Services

You can never predict when an emergency auto glass or stone chip repair will be needed. However, if you discover a chip or crack in your windshield, it’s crucial to your safety and the safety of others to have it fixed immediately.

Some of the dangers of a cracked windshield include:

  • Improper airbag deployment
  • View impairment
  • No roof support
  • Ejection from vehicle in the case of an accident

Our auto glass experts can provide same-day emergency windshield repair services that have many benefits including:

1. Insurance Advantage

  • Because of the economic advantages of a repair vs replacement, your insurance company may waive your deductible and pay for the windshield repair.  This may not be the case with a replacement.
  • That’s why it’s important to seek emergency auto glass repair services, so that you won’t have to worry about the higher out of pocket costs associated with a full windshield replacement.

2. Saves You Money

A windshield repair is far more economical than replacing the whole windshield. When you come to us for auto-glass services, our team will ALWAYS try to fix your windshield over a full replacement whenever it’s possible.

Our windshield repair costs are as follows:

Crack Repair: We repair windshield cracks up to 12” for $40
Stone Chip Repair: Our skilled auto-glass repair technicians can fix chips starting from as low as $20

Remember: In Alberta, drivers can be ticketed for a windshield that has significant damage. Seeking emergency auto-glass repair services not only keeps you safe, but saves you money on a traffic offense fine.


3. Convenience

At Diamond Glass, our customers' needs come above everything else. If you require a stone chip repair or windshield replacement but are unable to visit an auto-glass shop, our team provides a convenient mobile windshield repair service.

Some of the benefits of this service include:

  • It gets your vehicle back in optimal driving condition as soon as possible
  • It saves you time and won’t disrupt your schedule
  • You’ll never have to compromise your safety
  • Immediate auto-glass repairs, regardless of your location



Call Now

To find out more about our mobile auto-glass repair services or how we can help with everything from a stone chip repair to a full windshield replacement, contact our Calgary office at 403-568-7086 or request a repair quote.


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