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Rear vs Front Windshield Replacements

Have you discovered some damage to your auto-glass? From stone chip repairs to full windshield and rear-glass replacements, the expert team at Diamond Glass has the knowledge and tools to keep your vehicle looking and working like brand new! 

Keeping your vehicle’s windshield in top condition is important, but not just for aesthetic reasons. Repairing any stone chips, cracks, or dents in your auto-glass can ensure that you and your passengers stay safe when on the road.

From windshields repairs to side mirror and rear-glass replacements, keeping the auto-glass parts of your car in good condition is important because it will:

  • provide you with good visibility on the road
  • protect you and your passengers in case of an accident
  • keep out the wind, heat, and other elements, making driving more comfortable
  • increase the value of your vehicle

Auto-Glass Repairs in Calgary

At Diamond Glass, we offer a wide range of convenient and affordable auto-glass services from windshield replacements to rear-glass and side mirror repairs to keep your vehicle looking and functioning in top condition.

Auto-Glass Repairs


Why Replacing the Rear Glass On Your Vehicle Is Different From a Typical Windshield Repair

When considering the importance of auto-glass repair, the glass of your rear window must never be forgotten. This is because the rear window plays an important role in keeping your vehicle as safe and functional as possible.

If your back windshield is damaged from an accident or some road debris, it’s important to get a rear-glass replacement or repair as soon as possible to prevent:

  • any outdoor elements such as rain, dirt, dust, and pests from entering your car.
  • thieves from having easy access to your car
  • any increased risk of injury to you and your fellow passengers

However, you may find that the quote for a rear glass replacement can be different from that of a front windshield. Here are three reasons why:

1. Rear Windows Are Made From a Different Type of Glass

One of the biggest reasons why there’s a price difference when replacing front and back windows of a car is because they’re made from different types of glass.

  • Front windows are made from laminated glass (two or three layers of glass laminated together). If something is to hit this glass, it should be so strong that it won’t shatter, helping protect your face and eyes from flying glass.

  • Back windows, on the other hand, are made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter everywhere when broken. But instead of shattering into big shards, it’s designed to shatter into sand-like pebbles, preventing injuries.

These two types of glass have different costs associated with them, which is why you’ll find a price difference when it comes to your rear-glass replacement.


2. Cleanup is Typically Required With a Rear Glass Replacement

Because back windshields are designed to shatter when damaged, you will typically have thousands of pieces of glass in your car when you take it into the auto-glass shop. The technician must properly and carefully clean your car and the area around the back window before they can install a new one.

Since front windshields don’t typically shatter, this is not something that usually needs to happen when you require a front windshield repair/replacement.


3. Most Rear Windows Have a Defrost Grid On Them

Another reason why your replacement costs may differ depending on which auto-glass part is damaged is that rear windshields typically have or connect to a defrost grid. This is designed to help melt ice and snow off your rear windshield on cold winter mornings.

Because it takes more time to install this in your car, replacing a rear glass window can vary in price when compared to a front windshield replacement.


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