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Repair Your Windshield Sooner Rather Than Later

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According to an article by the Calgary Herald, vehicles in Calgary are more prone to chipped or cracked windshields. It is uncertain whether this is due to the weather or the amount and type of road debris such as salt. However, regardless of the kinds of chips, you should be aware of steps to take should your car windshield become damaged. This post will provide an overview of the importance of Calgary windshield repairs from a safety standpoint as well as some key financial reasons why quick and effective repairs should be a priority.

Calgary windshield repairs help keep your vehicle in safe condition

The most important reason to have your windshield’s damage assessed immediately should be for safety reasons:

  • A small chip or crack can become more severe due to factors such as road debris or weather conditions, restricting the driver’s visibility.
  • The windshield is designed to protect car occupants from any sort of puncture or strike from road debris, and if it is weakened by a chip or crack, it may not be able to fulfill this purpose properly.
  • In some cars, the windshield plays a crucial role in how the car’s frame is designed to withstand accidents, and can even be important to proper airbag deployment.

For all of these reasons, a damaged windshield should be treated with the same sort of concern for a vehicle's safety as a seatbelt that does not clip properly or a door that has issues locking.

Calgary windshield repairs can save on more expensive replacement costs

In addition to the safety reasons, drivers should be aware that not addressing a chip or crack right away can lead to both more expensive windshield replacement costs down the road.

  • Driving with a chipped windshield that can potentially spread into a larger crack that can result in a bigger repair or replacement bill, when the cheaper alternative is to just repair the windshield chip instead. 
  • Windshield replacements are more costly than repairs, so there is also a financial reason not to put off making any necessary windshield repairs while they are still manageable
  • In provinces such as Alberta and Quebec, drivers can be ticketed for a windshield that has significant cracks or damage. This means if a windshield crack gets too big you are not only risking your own safety but the safety of others and it is a traffic offense.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about Calgary auto glass repairs and replacements, or other affordable auto glass solutions, contact us at (403) 568-7086. 

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