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Numerous studies have confirmed the importance of utilizing and placing glass correctly in a commercial space and its impact on consumer decision-making and employee productivity. 

Imagine entering your workplace at the beginning of the day and walking by an office that has broken glass. How does that affect you subconsciously? Similarly, what if you go to purchase groceries from the store on your way home from work and the glass by the entrance is cracked? How do you think this would impact your purchasing decisions? Will you still spend time at that store or buy the bare essentials and leave? Think about what might go through your mind as you walk past that glass. Crime? Violence? Lack of security? Break-in? It doesn't matter what REALLY happened. It's how we interpret it. 

Like with our Auto Glass Services, response time is absolutely fundamental to mitigate both the physical damage and psychological impact broken glass can have. With Diamond Glass's impressive product inventory and the extended hours offered by our mobile team, you can expect quick, cost-effective restoration to your space without any intervention on your part. Except...

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A study was conducted by The University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning titled The Benefits of Glass. Here were some key insights:

“The use of glass does compel us to go new ways.” (Mies van der Rohe)
“…glass architecture, which admits the light of the moon, and of the stars into the rooms, not only through a few windows, but through as many walls as feasible, these to consist entirely of glass…” (Paul Scheerbart, 1914)
“…we have a deep hereditary affinity for the natural world and modern life and the built environment increasingly isolates us from it.” (Nick Baker, 2000)
“There is a clear suggestion from this work that windows and views are important for sustained human performance.” (Heschong-Mahone Group, 2003)


We have a creative team of technicians that specialize not just in repair, but also in design, planning and customization. Our services include:

Custom Fabrication

  • Sealed unit manufacturing
  • Sandblasted designs
  • Custom glass
  • Exteriors
  • High performance glass
  • Entrance doors
  • Storefront glazing
  • Aluminium extrusion fabrication
  • Interior    
    • Office glazing
    • Glass walls
    • Glass railings
    • Glass shelving
    • Glass retail display cases
    • Repairs


  • Door maintenance
  • Window re-caulking
  • Leak investigation
  • Skylight repair and replacement
  • Same day emergency service

Glass is not just our job - it is our craft, and we take great care living up to our reputation as Calgary’s high quality, cost effective, fast responding glass company. Choose Diamond Glass once for your commercial glass needs and we’ll earn your loyalty for the lifetime of your business.


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