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Auto Glass Replacement

Calgary Auto Glass Replacement

Windshield replacement and installation can get you back in the road safely without compromising on quality. 

Whether you need a new windshield installation because you parked unfortunately close to a children’s baseball practice, or you require a full-on emergency windshield repair after a serious accident, it’s important to select a high-quality windshield replacement glass.

Even more importantly, the installation should be completed by an auto-glass replacement expert.

Even if a windshield which is high-quality, has the correct dimensions and the right thickness, it won’t provide adequate protection if installed incorrectly.

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When Is Auto Glass Replacement Necessary?

Emergency Replacements

Sometimes collisions or impact from debris can cause damage so severe that the only safe option is to replace the windshield immediately.  

An emergency windshield replacement is probably needed if:

  • The windshield has a large “spider web” crack
  • The windshield has been punctured or there are pieces of glass missing
  • The vinyl between the two sheets of windshield glass has been damaged or punctured

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Windshield Replacement Due To Cracks and Chips

Other times, the need for a repair can arise from a large chip, ding, or crack. If these types of damage are too large to repair without restricting the driver’s visibility or weakening the windshield, auto glass replacement is the best option.

You might need a windshield replacement if:

  • A chip or crack is located in an area that damages the structural integrity of the windshield, such as near the edge of the windshield
  • A chip or crack has damaged both layers of the windshield safety glass
  • A chip or crack is positioned in the driver’s line of sight and the repair would result in less clarity in that area of the windshield
  • A chip or crack is either too large or too deep to be repaired

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Why Choose Diamond Glass?

Our auto glass specialists have over ten years of experience completing windshield replacements in Calgary.

We’re located in the N.E. of the city, and take pride in creating an environment where our customers can ask questions with the knowledge that they’ll get:

  • Straightforward answers
  • Accurate estimates
  • Reliable information about repair options.

Some of the benefits of working with our auto-glass team include:

  1. Onsite Mobile Repair Service
    We are able to do on-site repairs in certain situations, however, side window and back window replacements must be done in our shop.
  2. Quality Work
    Our team conducts windshield installations and side-window replacements with great attention to detail and efficacy, getting your vehicle safely back on the road as soon as possible.
  3. Best Customer Service
    Our customer service doesn’t end with your windshield replacement. Calgary residents can count on us to help streamline the administrative side of things too. Our staff are happy to assist with insurance claims and provide documentation or details about the repair.

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If your windshield replacement isn’t covered by your insurance policy, don’t worry. We use the highest quality glass and window replacements, but our prices are incredibly affordable.

We’re able to do this by purchasing windshields wholesale from quality-focused manufacturers, and passing the savings onto our customers.

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To find out more about our windshield repair and auto glass installation services, or to book a consultation, call our Calgary office at (403) 568-7086.

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