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Chip Repair

Windshield Chip Repair: Don’t Wait To Have Windshield Damage Fixed

Windshield chips shouldn't be overlooked.

It can seem easy to ignore a small ding or rock chip. Repairs are for bigger windshield issues, right? Not exactly.

A windshield chip can present several problems including:

  • Visibility issues, especially if the chip becomes cloudy due to dirt and debris
  • Damage to the structure of the windshield
  • Secondary damage to the windshield if the chip grows into a windshield crack

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Types of Auto Glass Damage and Repair Options

No matter what type of chip or ding your windshield or side windows have sustained, it’s important to have the situation examined by a specialist.

When any problems are caught early, technicians can do a quick windshield chip repair without the whole windshield requiring replacement.

Common types of windshield chips include:

PIT This is a particularly deep kind of windshield chip where a large portion of the glass has been removed by an impact.
DINGS This is a less severe form of damage, also known as a windshield chip.
STONE BREAK This is a break that is caused by a stone or road debris, rather than stress.
BULL’S EYE or SPIDER WEB In such instances, the windshield cracks around the point of impact (such as a pit or chip)
COMBINATION BREAKS A combination break is a chip combined with a windshield crack.


When determining whether your chipped windshield needs to be replaced, specialists take into account:

  • The surface area of the chip
  • The depth of the chip
  • The safety and cosmetic impact of any changes to the clarity of the windows

At Diamond Glass, we always explain all of the repair options to our customers and let them know why the windshield requires a specific type of ding or rock chip repair.

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Windshield Chip Repair Made Simple

At Diamond glass, our auto glass repair team prides itself on providing timely service and focus on repairing each car safely and in a cost-effective way for our clients.

  • Our skilled team has been conducting windshield repairs for Calgary drivers for over a decade, and always strive to get our clients back on the road safely and as soon as possible
  • If you book an appointment on-site, we can repair your windshield chip starting as low as $20.
  • If the damage is more severe, you can be confident that we can also handle windshield crack repairs as well as auto glass replacements for any of your vehicle’s windows
  • Don’t have time to visit our location? Unable to drive your vehicle to us because you have windshield chip in your line of sight? We offer mobile services to ensure that you can have your car repaired conveniently, safely, and without the need to hire a towing service.

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