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Enhance The Safety of Your Glass Doors With These 3 Tips

Calgary Glass Doors

Custom glass doors are being used more frequently in Calgary homes and commercial buildings both for structural and aesthetic reasons. This is because glass doors have numerous benefits including the fact that they:

  • are strong, reliable, and durable.
  • have a long lifespan
  • are easy to clean and maintain
  • make your home more aesthetically appealing
  • are versatile, coming in many forms, thicknesses, colors, and finishes


Custom Glass Door Design and Installation in Calgary

Whether you’re considering customised glass doors for your home or office, the residential glass team at Diamond Glass have the experience, know-how, and tools to meet all your design and installation needs.

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3 Ways to Protect Your Custom Glass Door

Adding custom glass doors to your Calgary home can easily enhance your property’s style, comfort, and value. While these doors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and secure, there are several ways you can enhance the safety features of your glass doors.

1. Add Window Film

Are you worried about your home being broken into by burglars? Residential window security film is a powerful and economic solution. The application of this film to your windows can create an almost impenetrable barrier which is extremely tough to break.

Some of the benefits of adding this to your glass doors include:

  • it increases the shatter resistance of your glass doors
  • it limits visibility and makes it harder for potential thieves to see into your home
  • it enhances the strength of your glass doors so they’re harder to break
  • it offers better storm damage protection

These thin films can be quickly applied to your glass doors, deterring the destructive effects of any intrusions with a barrier that holds your glass in place.


2. Add Security Features

Adding professional security features to your home can be extremely helpful in keeping burglary at bay. To protect your glass doors, home, and family, you may want to consider:

  • adding illumination to the exterior of the glass doors to help brighten up the area
  • installing a security alarm system or motion detection system to your home
  • upgrading the lock mechanisms on your glass doors and throughout your house

Tip: Calling a service to assist with the selection of the best security features is recommended. A professional can come to your home to do an evaluation of your windows and doors, check for any vulnerable areas, and provide you with a variety of choices to upgrade your home security to the fullest.


3. Get Rid of Landscaping Near Your Doors

For added protection to your home, you should ensure that you can always see directly out of your glass doors so any unusual movement will be noticed right away. REMEMBER: Any shrubbery, trees, or large plants in place outside of your glass doors can become a hiding place for potential thieves.

You may want to consider:

  • trimming back branches regularly to keep your windows and doors completely free of potential hiding spots
  • calling a landscape service to assist in revamping your exterior foliage
  • putting gravel outside of your door. Burglars rely on silence and stepping on gravel can be a startling deterrent.
  • use thorny shrubs or bushes to help thwart would-be burglars

While pleasing to look at, landscaping can do a lot more than simply enhance your home’s outdoor aesthetic. Using the above tips can help protect your home, family, and glass doors, and lower your risk of becoming a target of a burglary.


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