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Benefits of Using Custom Glass Table Tops in Your Home

Glass Table Tops Calgary

Stylish, functional, and versatile, glass top tables are the perfect home decor choice

Custom glass table tops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common are those that rest on top of a coffee table, desk or even a dining table.

High-performance glass table tops protect your furniture, artwork or other artifacts from scratches, spills and stains, while keeping them polished for many years to come.

At Diamond Glass, we take great care in choosing the right glass for your table tops. From glass design to hardware support, material thickness and visual tint, our team of custom glass experts are happy to assist you with all your glass table top needs.

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Benefits of Custom Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops are perfect for both decorative and protective purposes on the surfaces in your home. It is a simple and affordable way to drastically change the look and feel of your decor.

Here are just some of the benefits a high-performance custom glass table top can provide:


  1. Glass tabletops are modern and stylish

If you are having trouble finding a table top that comes in different colors, patterns and styles, then using custom glass table tops is your ideal option.

Glass table tops can be used in most design styles and will help make your room look more modern and stylish for many years to come. Selecting a sleek and versatile design can help you avoid expensive furniture updates or modifications in the future.

You can also use glass table tops for upgrading the look of your older furniture. A traditional wood table can be covered with a glass top that will help transform an old-fashioned design into a more modern one.

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  1. Glass tabletops can protect your furniture

Water rings, scratches, dents and spills can age your wood furniture prematurely. A custom glass table top will protect it from daily wear and tear and can help safeguard the characteristics that make the piece special.

In addition, a tinted high-performance glass table top can protect your wood furniture from harmful UV rays, preventing any sun damage that makes your tables look old and worn.


  1. Glass tabletops are versatile

Another benefit of glass table tops are their neutral appearance: they are easily customized to suit any decor preference.

With our high-performance custom glass table tops, Calgary homeowners can create endless variations to match their personal style perfectly.  A custom glass table top will look great in a modern home but is also equally suitable for a house with more traditional decor.

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  1. Glass tabletops are easy to clean and maintain

When placed on top of another material, custom glass makes it easier to clean and maintain your furniture.

All you need is a dry, clean cloth and a spray bottle of water or glass cleaner to get rid of any dirt, dust, water rings or food spills. Additionally, glass table tops avoid stain marks from setting into the wood furniture, helping maintain its shine for many years.

Where can I use custom glass table tops in my home?

High-performance glass table tops are versatile and can be used in many different rooms of the home, adding a modern and stylish appeal to your decor.

Here are some of the ways you can use our Calgary high-performance glass in your house:

Dining Table If you host regular dinner parties, a custom glass table top is a perfect way to create an elegant ambiance and showcase your food.
Coffee Tables

Glass table tops can be used with almost any other material including wood, stone or wrought iron.

Whatever your coffee table material, our expert team can cut the high performance glass to fit the size and shape of your furniture.
Outdoor Furniture

The glass table top for your patio table should be made from high-performance glass for safety purposes.

Use a tinted table top to reduce the UV rays and prevent damage to your furniture.

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To learn more about our high-performance, custom glass table tops, contact our Calgary residential glass team today at 403-568-7086.


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