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Modern Interior Design With Glass (Home Decor Series)

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Using Glass in Home Decor

Diamond Glass is a Calgary-based full-service glass company that creates custom glass pieces and performs glass repairs. We specialize in multiple forms of glass creation and have over a decade of experience. One of our primary areas of work includes helping customers decorate through the use glass in their home. This includes the creation of custom home decor items; the use of glass as part of the room’s architecture; or as functional essentials such as showers, windows, and mirrors.

  1. Accessories and decor: Glass table tops
    Glass table tops are a staple in modern decor and minimalist styles of home designs. A transparent glass draws attention primarily to the base of the table, unique flooring, or allows other decorative elements in the room to be the primary focus.
    However, glass-topped tables can also fit within a traditional or vintage-inspired design. For example, a sheet of custom cut glass can be a useful way to protect antique or unique decor pieces from dents, wear, and tear without altering their existing finish. Similarly, all it takes is the addition of a well-installed custom glass surface to turn unique vintage items such as barrels or crates into tables, shelves, or decor pieces.
  2. As part of the architecture of a room: Glass doors, entrances, and walls
    In recent decades, many employers have been creating work environments with more open spaces. This type of floor plan is usually employed in order to promote teamwork and an atmosphere more conducive to creativity. For an office interior, glass can be a useful way to partition workplace without blocking spaces off visually. This includes the use of glass office doors, entrances, or walls. Even single-person workspaces can benefit from the open feel of a glass door, entrance or wall, and home offices can be enhanced by well-placed windows to let in natural light. Our staff are experienced in commercial glass and residential glass installations, and are also able to take part in the design process by offering suggestions based on our extensive experience.
  3. Functional glass for your home: Custom shower installations
    Many elements within a home, such as windows, showers, and mirrors, require the use of glass. We understand that, especially for these fixtures, high-quality, durable, and well-installed glass is incredibly important. We are able to create mirrors cut-to size, perform custom shower installations, as well as install high quality, solar-tinted windows.

For more information about how Diamond Glass can provide assistance with virtually any kind of glass installation or repair in your residential and commercial buildings, contact us at (403) 568-7086, fill out the contact form on our website, or visit our office, located at 2500 4 St SW.

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