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How Custom Glass Partitions, Doors, and Mirrors Can Add Style To Your Space

Calgary-based commercial glass and residential glass experts provide examples of how custom glass can be used in Calgary homes, businesses, and offices.

Custom glass is an excellent material to use in home decorating and home design for several reasons:

  • It can allow light to shine through, giving even small spaces an airy and modern look.
  • Glass items such as tables and shelving can serve as either modern statement pieces to create a crisp, clean, atmosphere.
  • Large furniture pieces that usually take a lot of visual attention, such as tables, can be more subtle when they have glass elements, which allows other decor items to be the focal point of a room.

This post outlines three creative uses for custom glass in both residential and commercial areas:

1. Custom Glass as a wall in Calgary homes

Using glass as part of a room divider can be a great way to allow light through while also allowing privacy. This type of custom glass can be installed in either residential or commercial properties. There are many variants of this kind of wall, ranging from subtle dividers to bold decor statements:

  • A plain glass wall can be inconspicuous, and allow light to filter through
  • There are numerous types of tinted and textured glass available, either for decorative or privacy purposes. Textures of glass dividing walls can be sandblasted, etched, frosted, or tinted in a variety of colours.
  • Custom glass can be a good option for certain workspace or cubicle setups, because it divides space and helps to block sound yet allows light to pass through.

While in a home, it is important that a glass wall does not look too stark or unwelcoming, while in offices or workspaces, a sleek, smooth look completed with cooler colours and functional decor can be more appropriate.

2. Glass doors for Calgary commercial and residential properties

A second option for using glass in a home or business is a glass door. When used to partition rooms within a house, glass sections in doors are similar to glass walls in that they help spread natural or interior light within a house.

Glass doors can also be perfect for entrance doors in both traditional and modern Calgary homes:

  • The option of textured glass can allow for privacy but allow light to shine through. This is perfect for large doors, or bathroom windows.
  • Clear glass doors can allow light to filter from one room to the next, and can be the perfect way to showcase a beautiful view.
  • A custom shower enclosure can complete a unique bathroom design in Calgary homes.

For Calgary businesses, installing glass doors can help you create a strong first impression:

  • Clear glass doors can provide a continuation a storefront-type display.
  • Alternately, a custom-designed etched, textured, or coloured glass door can provide an opportunity to showcase your company’s brand or style.

3. Calgary mirror installations: Decor essentials with added style

Mirrors are essential in homes, both as a bathroom staple and general decor item.

Custom bathroom mirrors can be created with spaces for lights, or to complement a unique decor scheme in your home:

  • Mirrors can also be useful in other areas of the house, to open up a smaller space, especially when they are placed across from windows and can help to reflect and spread natural light around the room.
  • Custom mirrors can be a practical addition when installed above a dresser, on the back of a bedroom or closet door, or even in the entryway for a last-minute outfit check before heading out the door to work or school.
    • Custom mirrors can be particularly useful in these circumstances because the glass can be sized to fit existing furniture and decor.
    • Similarly, a good Calgary custom glass provider can help you refresh or refurbish antique vintage or vanity dressers by replacing broken or aged mirrors.

Mirrors can also be a useful decor piece in offices:

  • As with homes, they can create a brighter and more open-feeling space, which can be useful in entryways, waiting rooms, and workspaces.
  • The possibility of etching, sandblasting, or customization allows any kind of business to incorporate the mirror into their decor.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about how custom glass can be used in both residential and commercial spaces, contact our Calgary custom glass specialists at (403) 568-7086. Browse our other blog posts for more information about glass-related products ranging from Calgary custom shower installations to glass doors and mirrors designed to your specifications.

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