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Tips For Young Drivers From Calgary Windshield Replacement Experts

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Do you have a son or daughter who has just got their license or who will soon become a young driver? Here’s what they need to know.

If your child has recently got their license, they’re probably excited to start driving. However, in addition to knowing the rules of the road and how to operate a car, it’s essential that young drivers know the basics of car maintenance, as well as driving and vehicle care strategies for bad weather. This can help them be safer and more confident car owners and drivers.

Vehicle Care And Maintenance

It’s important that young drivers know how to maintain their vehicle, as well as how to handle common issues that may come up. While most car problems can be left to professionals, there are a few things it can be helpful to teach your teen about, so that they can feel confident during tricky situations.

Help your teen driver understand how to:

Help your teen build good vehicle maintenance habits from the start: set aside one day each month to do a full check of their vehicle. It’s more proactive than waiting for warning lights to begin to flash! Additionally, while young drivers may be looking to save money, it's important that they understand that certain repairs should never be put off.


Driving And Car Care Strategies For Bad Weather

Driving in bad weather is often covered in drivers’ education courses, but even seasoned drivers can feel daunted by black ice, freezing rain, or huge drifts of snow. Giving your child plenty of guidance and practice can help them stay safe and accident-free. Additionally, knowledge of what precautions to take during bad weather can help teens keep their car in good shape and their insurance premiums low.

Teach your teen how to:

  • adjust driving and vehicle care based on the season: winter, spring, summer, and fall all have their own challenges

  • navigate potentially hazardous obstacles such as extensive road construction

  • protect their vehicle from weather damage, such as hail or ice


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