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Importance of a Well-Designed Custom Glass Storefront

Diamond Glass Calgary Importance of a Well-Designed Custom Glass Storefront

Attract more customers to your store this summer with Diamond Glass services including storefront glazing and custom glass doors. 

Anyone who has ever owned a retail location knows the importance of a clean and attractive exterior, especially in the summer. Taking the time to improve your storefront using custom glass or storefront glazing has many benefits including:

  • Helps you stand out from the competition
  • Increases the foot traffic in your store
  • Displays your merchandise in a more enticing way  


At Diamond Glass, our commercial glass experts can design and install custom glass doors, shelves and storefront glazing for retail stores in Calgary to suit all your individual requirements and help your business grow.


Benefits of a Carefully Designed Storefront

Designing the exterior of your business can be a challenging task as it communicates a lot about a company’s identity, values and sense of style. Whether you opt for custom glass or storefront glazing, taking the time to carefully design the exterior of your store has many benefits including:

1. Shows off your merchandise in exciting ways

Your business can’t make a profit without giving potential customers reasons to come inside your retail store. A custom glass storefront window will give you the space and opportunity to showcase your products and/or services, drawing people in to see what else is available.

2. Storefront glazing reduces your utility bills

Deciding to use storefront glazing will not only lead to a more comfortable store, but will significantly lower your utility bills. Opting for glass doors and storefronts that are highly insulated helps maintain indoor temperatures despite fluctuating ones outside. When your store’s temperature stays more consistent, you likely won’t spend as much money on utilities. 


3. Versatility

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a custom glass storefront window is that they are extremely versatile. You can easily change your window display or signage to reflect the season or any promotions/sales you are offering your customers.

4. Increases your sales

Customers will be more likely to purchase your goods and services if they can see you have a clean, bright and reputable establishment. A high-quality custom glass window will help them see this, enticing them to come in and view your products.


5. Pairs well with digital signage

Many businesses have discovered the benefits of using new high-tech digital signs to attract potential customers. Once you have updated your store’s exterior with storefront glazing and custom glass, you can start using such signs to give your curb appeal an additional boost.

Although high-tech digital signage can be displayed anywhere, they look especially attractive on a glass storefront. Use them to highlight changes to your opening hours, announce daily specials and promote sales.


Why Get a Professional to Install Your Custom Glass Doors & Storefront

The installation of specialized storefronts, whether you are looking to get custom glass or storefront glazing, requires the expertise and knowledge of experienced professionals. Trying to install it yourself can make the glass prone to breaking, cracking, or otherwise presenting an undesirable appearance.

At Diamond Glass, our commercial glass experts have the tools, experience and skills to provide high-quality, affordable storefront installation services. When you work with us, you can be sure the job will be done correctly and on time.

Thinking about custom glass doors or storefront glazing for your Calgary retail store? 


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To find out more about our commercial glass services and how we can help make your retail store more attractive, contact our Calgary office today at 403-568-7086 or request a repair quote.

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