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What Does Your Storefront Glass Say About Your Business?


The way your store looks communicates a powerful message to your customers about who you are, so there are many visual details that you want to get right. Everything from the window display to the lighting needs to convey an appealing, consistent brand, and your store’s commercial glass installation is an important part of this total visual package.

As fellow commercial business owners, Diamond Glass understands the importance of having high quality, professionally installed storefront glass door entrances and windows.

Your storefront says a lot about your business to customers, including:


Are your storefront windows and doors in excellent shape, or are there cracks and chips covered by a hasty DIY repair job?

The maintenance of your store’s windows and doors speaks volumes about you and your business’s attention to detail, work ethic, and standards. Many customers will assume that if you take good care of your store, you’re also more likely to take good care of them.

With a commercial glass installation service featuring high performance glass, you can ensure that your storefront looks pristine and well maintained.

In the event of any damage or vandalism, Diamond Glass offers Same-Day Emergency Repair services to fix the problem right away and restore your store’s appearance.


Large, clean glass storefront windows and doors give your customers a clear view into your shop. If they see a lot of fellow shoppers inside your store, these prospective buyers are more likely to come into the store and buy, as they can see that you’re selling products and services that are popular.

When your store is busy, you want everyone outside to know it, so it’s essential to have storefront glazing that offers a clear view into your shop.


As a savvy business owner, you’re always offering great promotions to attract new customers and keep your regular clients coming back.

Your storefront windows and doors are some of the best places to showcase the latest promotions to your customers with signage and window displays.

These areas also allow a lot of flexibility, allowing you to switch out signage and displays with ease so that your store presents continuously updated offers.

Shopping Environment

Many customers prefer shopping in a bright, airy space with natural lighting and a modern style. This effect is easy to achieve with a high quality commercial glass installation.

Your commercial glass expert can install custom glass features such as large windows and skylights to help give your store a stylishly modern look, filling the retail space with an appealing natural light.

The glass you use for your storefront windows and doors can have a significant impact on the way your customers view your business. With a customized commercial glass design, you ensure that your store sends the right message, showing customers that you run your business conscientiously, sell products that are popular, offer great promotions, and maintain an inviting shopping environment.

At Diamond Glass, we’re known for our commitment to provide expert commercial glass services and repairs to many Calgary businesses. To learn more about how we can help you maintain your storefront glass, call 403‐568‐7086.

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