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Custom Shower & Bath Enclosures in Calgary

Shower & Bath Enclosure Installation Calgary

Your home is a significant investment and certain renovations can go a long way towards increasing its overall value.

This is especially true when it comes to your home’s bathroom, which is an often overlooked area that can actually have a large impact on a prospective buyer.

Custom shower and bath enclosures can revitalize the look of a bathroom, create a spa-like atmosphere and significantly increase your home’s monetary value.

At Diamond Glass, our custom glass specialists are happy to assist you through the design process, helping you pick the perfect shower enclosure for your home.

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Customized Residential Glass Services For Unique Shower Spaces

The shower experience is an important part of the daily routine inside your home and it’s important that it leaves you feeling relaxed and content.

Installing a customized glass shower or bath enclosure is a great way to achieve greater satisfaction with your home.

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Our professional team of residential glass experts understand that each homeowner’s preferences and needs are unique, which is why we always incorporate the following factors into the shower/bath enclosure installation process:

  1. Bathroom Layout

One of the most important factors to consider during a shower enclosure installation is your bathroom’s configuration. We will need to determine what materials your walls are made of and the location of the support studs.

This allows our residential glass experts to know the maximum weight that your walls will support to ensure a safe and effective installation process.

  1. Dimensions

For the most accurate shower or bath enclosure installation, a specialist from Diamond Glass will perform careful measurements of your bathroom.

Not only will this ensure a perfect fit but also allows us to provide you with an accurate quote on the costs of the custom glass project. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you will receive expert workmanship, competitive pricing and a fast turn around.

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  1. Moisture Management

Ventilation is a very crucial factor to consider during a shower/bath enclosure installation project. If the ventilation is not sufficient, problems such as paint damage and mold growth can occur.

These issues can be successfully avoided by conducting a ventilation evaluation prior to any custom glass installation project.

  1. Shower Equipment

When custom glass shower doors are being designed for a home, an appropriate shower head must also be chosen. This is important so that no water will escape the shower enclosure and leak onto the bathroom floor.

At Diamond Glass, we work closely with Calgary’s best home designers and planners to choose shower equipment that will function properly with your shower/bath enclosure.

Custom Frameless Shower Enclosures

If you’re looking for a way to refresh your bathroom without a complete remodel, you may want to consider a frameless custom glass shower enclosure.

A frameless shower enclosure has many benefits including:


Replacing your bathtub with a frameless glass shower enclosure will open up space both inside and outside your shower and invite more light inside.


Frameless shower enclosures are easier to maintain and eliminate corrosion that builds up on the metal track of framed doors.

In addition, most come with a protective coating to prevent mold build-up, so you just need a squeegee to keep it clean.

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In addition to allowing more light into your bathroom, a frameless shower enclosure gives your home a cleaner, more modern look.

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To learn more about our wide range of residential custom glass services, contact our Calgary office at 403‐568‐7086.


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