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5 Ways a Glass Expert Can Transform Your Bathroom


Remodeling your bathroom is a smart investment, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful, spa-like retreat at home, while also increasing your house’s total resale value.

Many bathroom renovation projects are quick to complete and affordable, so making just a few key updates can leave a major impact without breaking your budget.

Custom glass installation is one great example of a simple, yet effective upgrade. Check out our list below of 5 ways a residential glass expert like Diamond Glass can help you transform your bathroom into a stunning and functional space.

1. Shower and bath enclosures

An experienced glass expert can design and install a wide range of custom installations for your shower and bath enclosure, including glass shower doors, walls, insets, and more.

Sleek, modern shower and bath enclosures are on trend, so many homeowners are opting for custom glass installations like frameless shower doors and walls that give an airy, open look to the design of their shower and bathtub.

2. Mirrors

A custom mirror can look stunning, especially if it’s perfectly cut and framed to suit the space.

Consider asking a glass expert to install a custom mirror or even a collection of mirrors on a feature wall in your bathroom. The mirrors can give the effect of a custom art installation and they’ll help bounce available light around the room to create a sense of brightness and space.

3. Glass wall installations

Glass walls can add privacy and visual interest, so this is another excellent way your glass expert can help you update your bathroom.

Your glass specialist can offer recommendations on different finishes and treatments to the glass, such as etching, frosting and tint, as well as placement for maximum privacy and functionality.

4. Windows

The right window installation will help keep prying eyes out while still allowing adequate natural light into the space.

Consider custom glass etching or frosting treatments to add to your bathroom design.

In addition, your glass expert can also install solar tinted windows using glass that prevents harmful ultraviolet radiation from streaming into your bathroom.

5. Sauna enclosures

What better way to turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat than a personal sauna? This type of bathroom upgrade is very manageable, but it’s important to work with an experienced professional to install your home sauna, as you’ll need the correct insulation and sauna enclosure to avoid any issues with heat or moisture damaging adjacent rooms in your home.

These 5 projects give an example of the many ways a glass expert can provide you with a custom glass solution that will add elegance and functionality to your bathroom design.

To talk with an expert about your bathroom remodeling project, call Diamond Glass and we will share our expertise in residential glass installation, 403‐568‐7086.

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