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Your Auto-Glass Options for a Windshield Replacement

Your Auto-Glass Options for a Windshield Replacement

Do you need a windshield replacement? Selecting quality auto-glass is crucial to ensuring that the safety and functionality is fully returned to your vehicle. 

Your windshield is a very important safety function of your car, which is why it’s important to get any windshield repairs or replacements done as soon as possible. Failing to fix a damaged windshield can have serious consequences including:

  • Higher risk of injury/death to you and your passengers in case of an accident
  • Reduced visibility
  • Improper airbag deployment
  • No roof support

 At Diamond Glass, we offer a wide range of affordable, convenient and quality auto glass services. Our experts can help determine whether you require a windshield replacement or repair and can help you make an informed decision about which auto-glass option is right for you.


Windshield Repair vs Replacement

The first step in fixing a damaged windshield is to determine whether a repair or a replacement is required. In general, most chips and cracks can be repaired but it depends on four factors:

  • Size
  • Type
  • Depth
  • Location

 A qualified auto glass repair professional can evaluate these factors before deciding whether you need a windshield repair or full replacement. Each case is assessed on an individual basis and is made based on the technician’s skill, the customer’s expectations and the likelihood of a high-quality repair.

Want to know whether you need a windshield replacement or repair? 


Your Auto-Glass Options for Windshield Replacement

While the type of auto-glass you choose for a windshield replacement will depend highly on your budget and specific needs, there are three main options available:

1. OE (Original Equipment)

OE is auto-glass from the ORIGINAL SUPPLIER. This means it is the same type of glass that was used in the factory assembly of your vehicle. Some of the features of an OE glass include:

  • Company’s brand
  • Highest-quality auto-glass available
  • Highest cost

2. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

While OEM is NOT from the original supplier, it is manufactured to almost the exact specifications of OE glass (in terms of size, shape and thickness.) OEM auto glass is:

  • Not as expensive as OE glass
  • Almost exactly identical to OE glass
  • Doesn’t have the company’s brand stamp

3. Aftermarket

Manufactured by companies who are not affiliated with specific automakers, aftermarket glass is the most cost-effective option. While the size and shape will be the same as the original auto glass, its thickness, durability and color may vary.


Importance of Working with An Auto-Glass Professional

If you require a windshield repair or replacement, you may be considering between using a DIY kit and the services of an auto-glass professional. While it may seem that a DIY fix can be a preferable option, this is not always the case.

 Seeking the help of an auto-glass professional will have many benefits including: 

  • Better quality repair
  • More informed decision about which type of auto-glass is right for you
  • Convenience
  • Longer lasting, safer results  


Mobile Auto-Glass Services in Calgary

For the ultimate convenience, Diamond Glass offers customers in Calgary mobile auto-glass services. If you need a windshield replacement or repair but are unable to visit our shop, our team can come to you!

Some of the benefits of this service include:

  • Saves you time and won’t disrupt your busy schedule
  • Fast service (we complete windshield repairs in under 1 hour)
  • Your car is returned to optimal condition as soon as possible
  • Your safety & the safety of your passengers is never compromised
  • Immediate windshield replacements & repairs regardless of your location


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To find out more about our affordable and quality auto-glass services including mobile windshield repairs and replacements, contact our Calgary office today at 403-568-7086 or request a repair quote.

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