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Upgrade Your Office With Some Of 2018's Hottest Trends

Calgary Office Interior Glass

Want to liven up your office, but not sure how? We've got you covered! Our Calgary glass experts have rounded up some of 2018's hottest glass trends, along with an outline of how they can be applied to office interiors!

Office Interior Glass Tip #1 - Put Nature In The Spotlight

Design firm Paramount Interiors named nature-influenced designs as a growing trend in 2018. The trend towards a more nature-inspired environment makes glass a fantastic choice, because not only to plants provide an inexpensive but powerful splash of colour, they create a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere. We suggest choosing greenery that is appropriate for the space and amount of light available and allowing it to thrive and shine with the help of custom glass. 

Invest In The Right Windows

First of all, the right set of windows make it easier for indoor plant life to thrive. Additionally, the right windows can draw attention to and accent the scenery outdoors. This can be especially beneficial if your building has a view of a park, river, or green space. If you want to add a further dose of personality to your Calgary office interior, get in touch with our team, we’re able to create statement windows entirely to your specifications, whether you're looking for a pebbled frame, a frosted one, one with etching.

Use Mirrors For Added Effect

Well-placed mirrors can amplify the soothing effect of nature, and by making the room seem larger. Plus, the mirror reflects light, which not only cuts down on the need for artificial lighting but helps keep your new nature-inspired decor looking beautiful.


Office Interior Glass Tip #2 - Create An Open Space

Similarly, Corporate Environments cites open environments as an increasingly popular trend this year. Replacing part of an office’s walls or doors with glass can create the appearance of a more unified, open space, both from a decor standpoint and an interpersonal one.

For example, instead of strolling down a stuffy corridor on the way to a boardroom, visitors will be able to see into workspaces, all with a cohesive, lively design. Similarly, team members able to work in an open environment reap the benefits of this design in the form of increased teamwork and collaboration.


Office Interior Glass Tip #3 - Get Creative

Architectural Digest recently ran an article about the resurgence of stained glass windows as a home decor trend. They cited not only because of its beauty but the gentle wash of colour it provides. If your workplace prides itself on creativity, a tinted glass or even a stained-glass window or door panel will inspire team members and visitors alike.


Office Interior Glass Tip #4 - Add Geometry And Sophistication

Suka Staging highlighted simplicity as one of 2018’s top trends. If you’re not ready to revamp your entire office interior, glass-and-metal tables are a surefire way to incorporate sleek minimalism in your office design. They add an element of sharpness without looking forbidding or bland and can be tailored to any style.

For example:

  • Clear glass tables are a great way to show off a table’s base, as well as the rest of the room’s decor. This means the rest of your furniture has to be chosen carefully, but it’s definitely worth it!
  • Frosted glass looks modern, clean, and comforting, and flatters most office decor schemes.
  • Black glass keeps the table opaque but creates a sophisticated, edgy appearance.


The Added Bonus Benefit: Boost Your Branding

What does your storefront, or front door have to say about your business? If you feel it’s getting a little stale, consider upgrading your existing glass door with custom etching. In addition to adding aesthetic appeal, having your logo beautifully etched on your door or storefront window can create a lasting impression of professionality.

If you business doesn’t have a glass door, consider that:

  • a glass door allows light into otherwise artificially lit entryways
  • a glass door is sleek and stylish, and less obtrusive than a wooden or metal one, even when opened

A consultation with office interior glass experts can demonstrate how something as simple as a change in door materials can completely transform a space.


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