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The Secret Link Between Commercial Glass and Employee Productivity

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Consider this: Two business owners, Jack and Jill, work across the street from each other. On average, the employees in Jill’s company have experienced 39% fewer sick days per month than Jack’s. Jill’s secretary, Marge, has made a 15% improvement in her typing speed and significant gains in her typing accuracy since joining the company. To top it all off, Jill’s business has seen its employee productivity rate shoot up - a 7% increase in billable hours despite a 12% decline in average monthly hours worked. The difference between Jack and Jill’s companies?

It may just be glass and windows.

There are certain factors that everyone knows which affect worker productivity. But there is one crucial element that is overlooked by almost every employer across the globe: the careful design and meticulous placement of commercial glass. In fact, numerous studies have found a direct correlation between the number and quality of glass in a workspace and a workers:

  • Rate of activity
  • Mood
  • Alertness
  • Health
  • Overall sense of well-being

Moreover, well-placed, high quality glass which allows natural light to constantly stream into a commercial space has a profound effect on the people in that environment.  It has been found to have a dramatic positive effect on:

  • Increasing worker productivity
  • Boosting office morale
  • Increasing mental alertness

In recent years, a significant body of research has positively correlated building conditions with employee productivity. Out of all this, perhaps the most conclusive and powerful finding has concerned the importance of windows.  In the late 1960s, a trend of windowless offices and schools lit solely by fluorescent lights were believed to minimize distractions, prevent eye strains and create greater efficiency in heating. However, newer research completely reverses these assumptions. Researchers now assert that a building with ample windows to admit daylight can dramatically affect mental alertness, productivity and psychological well-being.

Unfortunately for many businesses, when it comes to understanding this one important component of a thriving and successful company, there remains a fundamental disconnect between the physical office space and office design, and most buildings fall short of the expectations of the modern workforce.

At Diamond Glass, our team of creative and skilled technicians specialize in all aspects of commercial glass service, from window repairs to designing, planning and customization. With the use of affordable, top quality glass, we can help you create a beautiful, light-drenched office space which symbolizes success and significantly reduces:

  • Worker anxiety
  • Stress
  • Lethargy
  • Feelings of boredom and demotivation

Optimizing the use of commercial glass in the design of your office also has the potential to provide:

  • Enormous energy savings: With sufficient natural light coming in through your windows, electric lights don’t need to be turned on during the day, cutting lighting and cooling costs drastically.
  • Minimization of environmental impact: Day lit buildings also have the advantage of minimizing your carbon footprint, keeping our environment cleaner and safer.

At Diamond Glass, we value the relationship we form with our customers and are passionate about helping your business grow and succeed. When you come to us, we will be able to advise you on the best glass placement for your office space, which will allow natural light to flood your rooms, simultaneously slashing your energy costs while increasing your staff satisfaction.

For more information on all of our commercial glass services, or to receive a free quotation, contact Diamond Glass at 403.568.7068 or visit

Be smart like Jill. Give us a call today!

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