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Replacing Broken Windows And Repair Options In Winter

Calgary Winter Window Repair

Broken windows: an issue to be addressed immediately during winter months

Broken or cracked glass can cause problems at the best of times, but damage to residential glass should be taken seriously during wet or cold weather.

  • Cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged windows can let cold air or moisture into your house. This is not only very inconvenient, but can create secondary problems like water damage, or difficulty heating your home.
  • A slightly damaged window that may have only required a small repair can worsen over the winter due to ice, storms, or the wind. This could result in a more costly repair later.

This post provides an outline of some common issues that can arise with windows that should be addressed before winter, as well as some tips to minimize further damage while you find a qualified Calgary residential glass repair company.

Damage to the window frame

Sometimes, the issue with a window is not the glass, but the surrounding area, such as the frame, caulking, or seals:

  • If water is leaking from the corner of your window or around the frame, talk to your window specialist about the caulking that was used and how to repair it immediately.
  • If you have insulated glass, which is constructed from more than one pane, and you find moisture or condensation inside your window (between the two panes of glass) this could be a sign of improperly sealed insulated glass.
  • Certain homes might have window panes situated between wood, and if the wood is improperly treated it may begin to weaken or begin to rot. In these cases, the glass panes may need to be transferred into new frames, or the entire window may need to be replaced.
  • For highly unique window panes or frames, restoration might come with a higher cost, but owners of historic or highly customized homes might find these measures are worth it in order to preserve the look of their home.

Glass chips or breakage

There are numerous reasons why a home window could chip, break, or shatter:

  • The first is damage due to any sort of impact. For example, children playing with objects such as a baseball might accidentally damage a window, or a tree could fall and break it.
  • Chips can also be caused by debris being blown about in the wind. Windows may also crack due to temperature differences.
  • Cracks can even occur as a combination of the way the window was installed and the way a newer house “settles” as it ages for the first few years.

Tips for preventing further damage

  • The first step to take when a window becomes chipped or cracked is to clean up the area and prevent further damage while you wait to discuss the issue with a window or glass repair specialist.
  • In all cases, it’s important to approach the area wearing footwear and gloves that can protect you from any stray glass shards.
  • Small chips or dings in certain windows may be able to be temporarily patched with a window repair kit that use vinyl or resin to repair the chipped area.
  • Cracks can be temporarily patched with strong masking tape, and a fully-shattered window can be blocked off with extra-thick plastic that is stapled to the sash. To prevent cold air from coming in, you can tape around the edges of the plastic.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about repairing Calgary residential or commercial glass, including services related to chip repairs and broken window replacement, contact us at 403-863-8529.

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