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How to Handle a Broken Car Window Before Replacement

Diamond Glass Calgary How to Handle a Broken Car Window Before Replacement

If your car window has been broken, it's important to secure it as soon as possible. Learn more about how our emergency services, including chip and windshield repairs, can help get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Whether it’s just a crack or full-on shatter, a broken car window NEEDS to be fixed. Delaying any chip repairs or full window replacements can have many negative consequences, including:

  • Outside elements such as rain, snow and pests can easily enter your car
  • Your vehicle becomes more vulnerable to theft
  • The value of your car decreases
  • Higher future auto-glass costs

Quick Auto-Glass and Chip Repair Services in Calgary

Whether you are looking for a chip repair or a windshield replacement, the auto-glass experts at Diamond Glass have the knowledge, experience and equipment to restore the condition of your car and get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Auto-glass Repairs


How to Handle a Broken Window Before Replacement

A broken car window is an unpleasant situation, but it also poses a safety hazard. Whether it has been caused by an accident, vandalism, or a break in, it’s important to repair the chip, crack or other damage AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

However, in certain cases, such as when the glass needs to be custom made, an immediate repair may not be possible In such a scenario, you should:

1. Remove as Much of the Broken Glass as You Can

The first step to protecting your car after the window has been broken is to remove as much of the damaged glass as possible. You should:

  • Wear protective gloves and pick up any large shards of glass you can remove
  • Use a shop vacuum to get rid of any small and excess pieces
  • Insert the hose as close to the window seal as possible to remove any glass that is stuck inside

TIP: You should vacuum your car seats and floors multiple times to make sure that all of the glass is gone to avoid any risk of injury to you or your passengers. 

2. Wipe Down the Window Seal and Frame Area

Dampen a soft cloth with water and then thoroughly wipe down the window seal and frame area. Take your time and ensure that you remove as much of the dirt and dust as possible. This will allow you to properly seal off the area.

3. Seal the Window

If you cannot get to an auto glass repair shop immediately, it’s important to seal your window in the meantime. Once it has been properly cleaned, you should:

  • Use clear packing tape and run vertical strips across the opening of the window
  • Do this from the inside of the car NOT the outside to keep the paint from peeling
  • Packing tape is better than cardboard as it provides a better seal, keeping moisture out.

Mobile Chip Repairs and Windshield Replacements in Calgary

At Diamond Glass, we offer mobile auto-glass services so you can get your vehicle repaired at your convenience! If you have a damaged car window and are unable to come into the shop for a repair, we are happy to come to your home, work, or any location of your choosing!

Some of the benefits of this great service include:

  • You won’t have to worry about driving a compromised vehicle
  • Your schedule won’t be disrupted
  • You receive immediate chip repairs/windshield replacements regardless of your location
  • Your car is returned to optimal condition as soon as possible

Mobile Auto Glass Services


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To find out more about our mobile auto-glass services including side window replacements and chip repairs, contact our Calgary office at  403-568-7086 or request a quote.

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