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How Auto Glass Is Made And Repaired

calgary rear glass replacements

It can be helpful to understand how auto glass works when planning for repairs. The glass in your car can appear similar to the commercial or residential glass used in buildings, windows, and doors, but it has additional safety features and is typically manufactured in different ways.

Knowing how different types of damage occur and the effects it has on the glass in your car can help you when planning an auto glass replacement or repair. This post provides details about windshield replacement, rear, and side window replacements, and common repairs for these problems.


Windshields are a type of auto glass primarily made out of safety glass, which is comprised of a sheet of plastic between two sheets of glass. This safety glass is important for several reasons:

  • The plastic sheet in the middle prevents the glass from shattering inwards and harming the driver and passengers during an accident.
  • The plastic reinforcement of the windshield is  supposed to prevent punctures from debris during an accident or during daily driving.
  • In some cars, windshields are also highly important to the structure of the car and the way it “crumples” during collisions, and can also affect the deployment of airbags.

How does a Calgary windshield repair work?

Glass experts conduct chip repairs and other forms of windshield repairs by injecting a special resin into the crack in order to seal it. In most cases, this does not restrict the visibility, but dirt or debris that is trapped in the crack can sometimes create a cloudy blemish in your windshield. Therefore, windshield cracks and chips need to be repaired thoroughly and addressed as soon as possible.

Rear and Side Windows

Cars’ rear and side windows are usually made of tempered glass. Here are some of the benefits of using tempered glass: 

  • Tempered glass is several times stronger than regular glass. For this reason, this type of glass is also frequently used in shower installations and screen protectors for smartphones. 
  • When tempered glass windows are created, the glass is put into an oven and heated to over 600 degrees. Next, it is cooled. This process puts the glass under tension, which makes it stronger than glass that is not treated in this way.
  • There are also other ways to create a state of tension in the glass, such as various chemical processes, but this technique is less frequently used.    

How are Calgary side window replacements and repairs conducted?

While tempered glass is very strong, when it breaks, it tends to shatter completely. This can occur in any collision affecting the window or rear and side windows.

Cleanup is always a difficult task when tempered glass shatters, meaning repairs will usually entail a full side glass replacement or rear glass replacement. (Note that in some cases a car’s rear window may be made out of safety glass rather than tempered glass).

If any of the tempered safety glass windows on your car become chipped or cracked, Calgary auto glass specialist should assess the damage and determine what solution is best.

Learn more about Calgary auto glass repairs and replacements

Contact us at  (403) 568-7086 to learn more about Calgary windshield repairs, windshield replacements, or other affordable auto glass solutions. For more auto glass background information, see our other blog posts focusing on windshield repair tips or windshield chip repair facts.

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