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Benefits of Using Custom Glass In Your Home

Glass doors are a great addition to any home! Whether you only want to install a shower or sauna enclosure, or do a full home renovation, discover some of the benefits of adding custom glass to your home. 

Your home is not just defined by what is in the inside, but what is on the outside too. First impressions are everything and having custom glass doors/windows installed is sure to make your home more visually appealing.

Not only do custom glass doors look good, they also provide homeowners with great security and allow more light to pass through your home, giving your space a feel of airy openness.

Some of the places you could consider using custom glass in your home include:

  • Front or screen doors
  • Shower enclosures
  • Sauna enclosures
  • Patio doors
  • Mirrors/tabletops/cabinets

Visit Diamond Glass For All Your Custom Glass Needs

At Diamond Glass, we provide a wide range of residential glass services from shower/sauna enclosure installations to skylight and screen door repairs. Whatever your needs, our team of skilled and certified technicians can provide quick, affordable and high-quality services to suit all your home requirements.

Residential Glass Services

Benefits of Custom Glass Doors & Windows

Adding glass doors to your home decor is an easy way to update the appearance of your house and make it look more modern. Here are just some of the reasons why you may want to consider adding custom glass doors to your decor:

  • Energy Efficiency: Glass doors will bring in much more light to any room and are perfect insulators, so they can significantly lower your energy costs.
  • Easy to maintain: Glass doors won't rust or corrode, aren’t susceptible to woodworm and won’t collect dust. All that’s necessary to keep it clean is giving it an occasional wipe with a cloth and some glass cleaner.
  • Safety: Today, high-quality doors are made from shatterproof safety glass, providing peace of mind and total protection to you and your family.

The Benefits of Glass Doors

Screen Door Repairs in Calgary

At Diamond Glass, we understand how important your home security is in keeping what matters most to you safe. And we know that this depends on having stable windows and doors in place.

If you require an urgent screen door repair or window replacement, we offer SAME-DAY EMERGENCY GLASS SERVICES to quickly and efficiently restore the safety to your home.

Screen Door Repairs

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure Installations in Calgary

Frameless glass shower doors have become an essential feature in both new home construction and most bathroom remodels. Not only do they improve the visual style of your house, they can also increase your home’s value.

The Benefits of Installing Glass Shower Doors in Your Bathroom

  • Glass shower doors look sleek and classy. They can add an air of elegance to your home.

  • They are fully customizable. You may have some irregular shapes and tight spaces in your bathroom and a glass door allows your contractor to take these eccentricities into account when installing your shower enclosure.

  • Glass shower screens require no maintenance other than regular cleaning to remove water spots and soap residue

  • The glass used for shower doors tends to be shatter and scratch-proof. With proper maintenance, they can last as long as your home does!

  • A glass shower door can fit into a variety of decorating schemes, allowing you to make an investment that will improve the appearance of your bathroom for years to come.

Custom Shower And Bath Enclosures

We also do sauna enclosure installations

Having a sauna in your home can add a tranquil touch to your home and are a great way to add a little luxury to your house. However, a sauna enclosure installation is a big job, which is why it’s important to enlist the help of a skilled and certified technician.

At Diamond Glass, our team offers honest and expert advice every step of the way as well as the most innovative sauna enclosure installations to meet all of your unique home needs.

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To find out more about our custom glass services, including shower enclosure installations and screen door repairs, contact our Calgary office today at 403-568-7086 or request a quote.


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