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Awesome Shower Design Ideas (Home Decor Series)

Shower installation custom glass  calgary

Using Glass in Home Decor

Diamond Glass is a Calgary-based, full-service glass company that provides a wide range of high-quality services with a rapid turnaround time. Our areas of expertise include auto, commercial, and residential glass installation.

Our expertise with bath enclosure installation, shower enclosure installation and our ability to create pieces for any client’s custom shower design can help you create the comfortable and high-quality bath and shower setup you've always wanted. If you are considering redecorating, our four bathroom and shower decor ideas could provide a starting point or inspiration for your own unique design.

  1. Mosaic tile-decorated shower installations
    Mosaic tiles are a fantastic and functional way to decorate a bathroom: the tiles are as waterproof and durable as any other shower tiles, but a mosaic can turn a tiled wall into a gorgeous work of art. The use of certain patterns can brighten up a room with less sunlight, or make a smaller space seem larger. It can also add texture to a bigger space. Clear glass doors, rather than a curtain, are is the best way to showcase a mosaic-tiled shower.
  2. Streamlined and frameless shower installations
    A frameless shower is a less frequently-used type of shower installation, but the many versions of this bold decorative choice create a relaxing atmosphere. With the shower taking up little space when not in use, you can focus on other elements of design, such as unique tile, sink, or mirror designs. We’re experienced in custom mirror installation, and can provide many suggestions for geometric or fluid mirror designs. If you prefer classic shapes like oval and rectangles, we can help you choose the perfect frame and dimensions for your room.
  3. Glass-framed shower-and-bathtub combinations
    With a shower that includes a bathtub, you can get twice the use of the space. Rather than have your bathtub blocked off by a shower curtain, opt for frosted or clear glass for a sleeker and more elegant look. As Calgary's experienced bath enclosure installation and glass experts, we’re well-equipped to provide expertise on all aspects of this type of installation.
  4. Curved Shower Walls
    Swapping out a typical shower for one with curved walls is another way to create a beautiful and unique shower design. This option adds a touch of personality to a room without requiring significantly more space or materials.
  5. Use of natural light in your bathroom or shower installation
    The use of natural light, with a frosted glass window or skylight, can lend your shower a luxurious, relaxing spa-like atmosphere. Because we are a company that creates multiple different types of glass, from windows to shower installations, we would be equipped to handle both glass door and window installations.

For information about how our Calgary-based glass experts can help you create your ideal bathroom enclosure or shower installation using custom glass designs, you can reach out us at (403) 568-7086 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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