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Advantages of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Calgary Shower Installation

Calgary Residential Glass Installation

Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Learn more about our customized shower enclosure installations including the pros & cons of frameless glass shower doors.


Your bathroom is much more than just a functional space. You want it to be a place where you can unwind - somewhere that offers you peace and tranquility.

A customized shower or bath enclosure can create a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere while significantly increasing the overall value of your home.

Whether you are looking for a sauna enclosure or to upgrade your shower doors, our team of residential glass experts can provide quick and efficient shower/bath enclosure installations to suit all your specific requirements.

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Frameless Shower & Bath Enclosures

Another way to add a touch of luxury and class to your home is by installing frameless shower & bath enclosures.  Whether you are designing a new home or remodeling your existing one, frameless shower enclosures can be a modern & sleek addition to your decor.

However, before deciding on the right choice for you, here are some of the pros and cons of having frameless doors in your bathroom:

Pros of Frameless Shower/Bath Enclosures Cons of Frameless Shower/Bath Enclosures

QUALITY: Frameless shower/bath enclosure installations are done with higher quality, tempered glass to reinforce it since there is no frame.

This means that the glass is less prone to damage or cracks and will last longer than a traditional framed enclosure.

COST: Frameless shower/bath enclosures tend to be more costly than traditional framed ones because they are more labor intensive and use higher quality glass.

However, you can rest assured that you are paying for a better quality product which will stay in great condition for many years, requiring fewer repairs in the long run.

MAINTENANCE: Frameless shower/bath enclosures are generally easier to maintain since you don’t have to worry about the grooves and crevices of a metal frame.

All you need is a microfiber cloth to clean them and because of the high-quality glass, they will stay cleaner for longer.

FUNCTION: While frameless shower doors provide incredible aesthetics, they may sometimes lack in performance compared to more traditional designs.

In order to avoid any leaks, expert design and installation of frameless shower doors is necessary.

When you choose to work with an experienced and knowledgeable residential glass team, you can rest assured that your frameless bath enclosure will look & function great.

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VERSATILITY: You can integrate a frameless shower/bath enclosure into any decor. Whatever your style, installing a frameless shower enclosure will give you a more modern, cleaner look.

Additionally, they can be customized to suit your exact specifications and taste, so you know you’ll be happy with the end product!

INSTALLATION: Installation of frameless shower/bath enclosures tends to be more complex than a more traditional enclosure.

These shower doors require expert and professional installations because if they are not done correctly, they can become prone to damage and breakage, requiring a full replacement.

Calgary Sauna Enclosures

At-home saunas add a healthy and tranquil touch to your home and are a great way to add a little luxury to your life.

There are many benefits of choosing to have a personal sauna including:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved health
  • Pain relief (from conditions such as arthritis)
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep

However, installing a sauna enclosure can be a big undertaking which is why it’s important to enlist the help of residential glass experts.

At Diamond Glass, our team offers honest and expert advice every step of the way and offer the most innovative and technical sauna enclosure installations to meet all your unique home needs.

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To learn more about our sauna enclosures or how our team can help install a frameless shower/bath enclosure, contact our Calgary office today at 403-568-7086.


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