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4 Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Car's Back Windows

Calgary Windshield Repair

From stone-chip repairs to solar tinted rear windows, here's how Diamond Glass can help enhance the safety & privacy of your vehicle. 

You rely on your vehicle to safely get you from one place to another on a daily basis. Proper maintenance and care goes a long way to ensuring the longevity of your investment and the safety of your passengers.

At Diamond Glass, we offer a wide range of services to make your vehicle as safe and comfortable as possible including:

Whatever your car needs, our team of experienced and knowledgeable auto-glass repair experts can keep your vehicle in top condition and get you safely back on the road.

Calgary Window Tinting

Window tinting refers to a process in which a transparent sheet of film is applied to the inside of a vehicle’s windows or windshield. The main purpose of this is to reduce the amount of heat and radiation from the sun, but many people do it for privacy as well. In Alberta, tinting is only permitted on rear windows.

Types of Window/Windshield Tinting

The thickness of the tint film and the material from which it is made can vary and will depend on your personal preferences and the restrictions of the province in which you are living.

The different types of window tinting include:

Dyed Window Tint Film

Dyed window tint film is the most cost-effective option and is simply a film containing a dyed layer (no metal), providing a dark look for privacy, coupled with excellent heat absorption properties.

Metallized Film

This type of tint contains an extremely thin metal layer within the film resulting in the tint being somewhat reflective and having exceptional heat rejection and UV radiation blocking properties.

Solar Window Tint Film

Solar window tint is a protective UV window film which provides you and your family with complete protection. Solar window tint also:

  • Reduces infrared heat transmissions
  • Increases interior comfort
  • Adds additional safety from premature skin aging and eye conditions

Carbon Window Tint Film

Carbon window tint film provides superior quality and performance. Made from an innovative carbon technology, this type of window tint has increased solar benefits when compared to dyed films and blocks out both UV and IR rays.

4 Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Windows

While window tinting can make your vehicle look very stylish, there are many other functional benefits of the process including:

1. Better Driving

Driving with the sun directly in your eyes isn’t just an annoyance - it can be deadly. Car window tint shields your vision and prevents glare from all sources of extreme light so you can drive safely, no matter the time of day.

2. Privacy

A high-quality car tint guards your passengers' privacy, no matter where you are. Not only that, but it also protects your belongings when you aren’t around so you no longer have to worry about stashing your valuables out of sight every time you park.

3. Upholstery Protection

The heat and UV rays from direct sunlight can cause your upholstery to fade or crack in a few short years. A car tint keeps your vehicle’s interior from getting hot enough to warp, fade or crack.

4. Health Reasons

Direct sunlight and the associated UV rays doesn’t just damage your skin and accelerate aging, it can also cause skin cancer over a prolonged period of exposure. A car tint can reduce UV rays by up to 90%, significantly lowering your risk of developing serious health issues. This can be highly beneficial for those concerned about the risk that too much sun poses for young children.

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