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3 Common Causes of Hazy Windshields

Is windshield haze making it hard for you to see the road? Here are some tips on how to clear up your auto-glass from our Calgary repair shop. 

Your windshield is all you have between your eyes and the road, making it one of the most important features of your car. In fact, it is designed to perform a number of crucial functions including:

  • keeping wind, road dust, and water from entering the vehicle.
  • giving you a clear and unobstructed view of the road ahead.
  • protecting you and your passengers from harm in case of an accident.
  • acting as support for the roof and being part of the structural integrity of the passenger compartment.

Affordable Auto Glass Repairs and Windshield Replacements in Calgary

Whatever auto-glass services you’re looking for, be it a chip repair or a windshield replacement, the auto glass experts at Diamond Glass have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to expertly restore the condition of your car and get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Auto-Glass Repairs


Is Your Windshield Hazy? 3 Surprising Things That May Affect Your Visibility

Visibility is extremely important when you are driving, but if your windshield is opaque, foggy, or otherwise compromised, you won’t be able to see, essentially putting you and your passengers’ lives in danger.

While some windshield problems can be cleaned away, others may require an auto-glass repair or replacement. Here are 3 things that may be making it more difficult for you to see out of your car.


1. Vinyl Vapour or Smoke

If you smoke in your car, you may notice a buildup of a yellow substance along the inside of your windshield. This layer is made up of agents which are released when you burn a cigarette, including tar and nicotine.

Have a filmy layer inside your window, but don’t smoke?

Then you may be a victim of a rare phenomenon called vinyl vapour! This type of buildup occurs over a long period of time as the vinyl of your dashboard breaks down in extremely hot temperatures, releasing vapours.

The good news?  These problems can all be fixed with a good cleaning! Here are some tips for cleaning your windshield and windows:

  • choose a good auto-glass cleaner and AVOID using any household products.
  • use a glass cleaning, microfibre towel to avoid scratching your windshield or windows.
  • avoid washing your auto-glass in direct sunlight or extremely hot temperatures.
  • make sure your glass is the last thing you clean to avoid recontamination.


2. Chips and Cracks

Chips and cracks are obvious visual distractions, but the problem is usually larger than just the small crack in the glass. In fact, chips can cause visual distortions and what appears to be discolouration or haziness in a large area surrounding the damage.

To fix this problem, you must have your auto-glass repaired by a windshield expert at once.

Signs You Need A Windshield Repair


3. Products or Treatments

Some products and treatments can also cause your windshield to appear hazy, including those used to repel rain and fog. To keep such treatments from reducing your visibility, make sure to clean your windshield between applications and only use reputable products that are approved by your car’s manufacturer.


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At Diamond Glass, we offer a range of quality and affordable auto-glass repairs and replacements to enhance your visibility and keep you safe on the road. To find out more, contact us at 403-568-7086 or fill in our online contact form.

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